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The PC-Planner NT+, is designed to turn your home computer into a navigation planning tool. Using the same C-MAP NT/NT+ electronic chart cartridges that you use on your boat, you can display all of your electronic charts in full color on your PC screen. The PC-Planner NT+ can be used for viewing charts, zooming, panning, entering user points, creating routes, and entering A-B functions. In fact, every planning function of your charting system is now easy to do on your PC.

PC Planner NT+ is supplied with a C-Card USB Reader to connect to your PC. The C-Card USB Reader has a dual cartridge slot allowing 2 C-Cards to be read simultaneously. The Reader transmits the chart data to the PC and also allows programming of the C-MAP USER C-Card.

For customers who have the C-MAP NT/NT+ PCMCIA type cartridges, your cartridges will plug directly into the laptop PC. The C-Card reader is required anyway.

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